Attractions in Berkeley and San Francisco, CA

Local Area Attractions

Berkeley Marina: Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells at the Berkeley Marina. Located on the western most edge of Berkeley, CA, the marina is home to yachts, hotels, and restaurants. Find a nice relaxing place to settle and watch the sunset over the Berkeley Marina.

4th Street Dining & Shopping: Enjoy fantastic shops and restaurants on Berkeley’s 4th Street. Located just off the Berkeley Marina, 4th Street is a picturesque shopping district shaded by trees overhead. Find something for everyone on 4th Street.

Gourmet Ghetto: Enjoy the wonderful European ambiance you’ll find in North Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto. With sidewalk cafes, flower shops, and bakeries, you are sure to find wonderful unique artisan-products and services. Berkeley local favorites include Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse and The Cheese Board Collective.

College Avenue: Enjoy the hip atmosphere you will encounter in North Berkeley’s College Avenue. Located near UC Berkeley’s campus, College Avenue retains a village feel with locals and students coming together to enjoy a bite to eat at restaurants and grabbing coffee at local cafes.

Shattuck Avenue: Shattuck Avenue runs along two shopping districts that include a variety of shops and eateries. The part centrally located in Berkeley is close to the BART and includes the famous Gourmet Ghetto. Visit Shattuck Avenue today for shopping trips and culinary treats!

Telegraph Avenue: While the legendary Telegraph Avenue is a street that begins in the middle of downtown Oakland and ends at the University of California Berkeley, among students and locals, Telegraph is known as the four-block section just south of the college campus. Full of great restaurants, shops, and cafes, Telegraph attracts locals and tourists alike.

University of California Berkeley: Founded in 1868, University of California Berkeley or Cal is a 35,000+ student university that is consistently ranked as one of the best in the United States. The Golden Bears are a NCAA Division 1 team with a strong showing in many sports. The 1,232 acre campus is full of College Gothic style buildings, many of which have become California Historical Landmarks.

Hearst Greek Theater: Built in 1903, the Hearst Greek Theater is an 8,500-seat open-air amphitheater owned and operated by the University of California Berkeley. Home to hundreds of events over the years, the Hearst Greek Theater hosts everything from plays to jazz performances to Cal graduations. Come see this theater listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Zellerbach Auditorium: Part of UC Berkeley’s performance center, Zellerbach Auditorium holds theater, dance, musical events, and UC Berkeley graduations during the year. With fantastic acoustic and visual arrangements, the Zellerbach Auditorium proves a great place to see a show.

Lawrence Hall of Science: The Lawrence Hall of Science is an interactive center of learning for children K-12. With fun exhibits and engaging programs, the Lawrence Hall of Science gets youth excited about science.

Tilden Park: One of Berkeley’s oldest parks, Tilden Park is full of activities to entertain everyone. With a challenging golf course, carousel ride, botanical gardens, picnic grounds, and Lake Anza, Tilden Park provides a great place for a relaxing day outside.

Golden Gate Fields: Feeling lucky? Test your luck with an outing to Berkeley, CA’s premier horse racing destination. With free admission for children under 17, a delectable food and drinks menu at Turf Club, and the exciting, fast paced atmosphere, Golden Gate Fields is fun for the whole family!

Emeryville: Emeryville is a small city center nestled in between Oakland and Berkeley along the San Francisco Bay. Home to Pixar Animation Studio as well as other national brands, Emeryville has become a powerful center of employment in the area, in addition to providing spectacular dining and shopping options at Bay Street.

San Francisco: The fourth largest city in California and the second most densely populated large city in the United States, San Francisco is a cultural, historical, and economic epicenter in the United States. With a culture and architecture unique to itself, San Francisco is a must-see in the Bay Area.

AT&T Park: Home to the Major League Baseball team, the San Francisco Giants, AT&T Park is ballpark able to hold around 44,000 spectators. Opened in 2000, the park is also used for football games, soccer games, and concerts.

The Coliseum/ Oracle Arena: The Coliseum and Oracle Arena are the homes of Oakland professional sports team. With the NLF Raiders and MLB Athletics playing in the Coliseum and NBA Golden State Warriors playing in the Oracle Arena, these venues see hundreds of events every year. Visit them today for a game or concert!